If you answer NO to any of the questions below, you need to consider your OPTIONS!!

  1. Does your Employer pay 100% of your FAMILIES BC/BS Insurance?
  2. Do you get an Experienced Based Incentive pay increase?
  3. Do you have a Retirement Plan that is matched by your employer?
  4. Do you have 9 days off and 7 days off in a row EVERY Month option?
  5. Department Sponsored Training to certify National Registry and Kansas Licenses?
  6. Have you experienced a Reserve Program Incentive of 20% above pay scale with 1 shift a month commitment to the service, with attendance to all trainings for free including ACLS, PALS?
  7. Do you get a generous Meal Allowance for out of town transfers?
  8. Are you in a family shift style atmosphere that is close, fixes meals together, encourages Safety rest periods, and great working relationships with all the other first responder departments?
  9. Are you satisfied in your current position or Leadership Opportunities?

Now is the time to have ALL OPTIONS on the table. Northwest Kansas Ambulance Service located in Goodland Kansas is expanding and hiring additional staff. If you answered NO to any of the questions above, we need to talk. The service is in search of two full time positions and is currently interviewing for Shifts Captain’s position as well.

Potential Positions OPEN

*Shift Captain, *Full Time Paramedic, *Full Time A-EMT, *Full Time EMT, *Reserve Paramedic, *Reserve A-EMT, *Reserve EMT, *EVO- (Emergency Vehicle Operator) Utilized when two techs are needed in patient care area.

See following attached Job Description for the Leadership position description.

Email mjohnson@shermancountyks.gov,  or call Cell 785-821-0014